Munich, Germany in 1956 (just after the last woman was executed in the UK, just around the time the first high-level computer language FORTRAN was invented)

Education (Age 8-21)

1962-64 Volksschule, München see my first school report
9/64-7/69 Boarzell School, Sussex, England my prep school report
9/69-12/73 King’s School, Canterbury, England
A/S-Level (Abitur/Baccalaureat) Grade AAAA1.
(then £166/13/4 per term, now charging £9725 per term – for my son …)
This is what the school and we looked like
1974 Trainee at Liedl, Munich (destroyed a few weaving machines there)
1974 Working student at Industrieanlagenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH (didn’t understand satellite pics there)
10/74-6/77 Cambridge UniversityPeterhouse, England
Matriculated 10/1974, Graduated to B.A. in 6/1977, M.A. in 6/1983
(where a formal hall dinner cost 51p. Now admitting girls. Has produced some famous people). My daughter is sadly only going to Oxford …
9/76 Management Course, Downing College Cambridge
1986 Technical University of Vienna, Austria (went there but did nothing)
1989 Lancaster University, England (never been there)

Completed education with Ph.D. in Computer Science/Telecommunications
Thesis Title: “On OSI-based Transport Systems for Future Applications over High-speed Networks”

12/89 Doctor of Philosophy

5/90 Doktor der Naturwissenschaften Dr. rer. nat.

Work (Age 21-?)

6.8.1977 IBM Germany, Stuttgart, Germany (seen the bad times, seen the good times, …)
1982 IBM Science Center, Heidelberg, Germany (got blown up by RAF)
1996 IBM Research, Zurich/Rüschlikon, Switzerland (this is where the action is)
1.10.1997 DG BANK AG, Frankfurt (later to be merged)
2001 Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt, Germany (what I know about banking)
2003 TAI AG with the truly international name of “TAI Transaktionsinstitut für Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen AG” (e/m Payments – at last something I know about !)
2006 Equens SE (merger of TAI and Interpay) (a merger of equals, yes, really)
2016 equensWorldline SE (merger of Equens and Worldline Financial Processing & Software Licensing) (getting bigger all the time …)