Where the name SALMONY comes from

The oldest known reference to a Salmony ancestor is Moses = Moyses Salomon of Camberg 1641:

He is at the top of our worldwide Salmony family tree:

First record of ancestors adopting the name Sal(o)mony (when the Jews were not allowed to keep their old Hebrew names):

Then they had to learn to sign with their new names in 18th century:

In 1849 it is documented that the less educated and less religious they were – the richer they were:

Salmony castle in Languedoc in 1766:Salmony castle

Our family crest:

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How to pronounce Salmony:

(and how not to)

What rhymes with Salmony

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Complete genetic code/genome (courtesy of 23andme.com) containing traits such as:














Extract of my 30,000 genomes:

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